domingo, 9 de marzo de 2008

The 2 week in english

This Monday starts the second week in English of our career I love it because there are conferences about teaching and how to translate texts or anything you want. And I will to see a movie the Monday and that movie is about of a boy that he wants to become a ballet dancer but his father is disagree and the boy should fight against everything for his dream come true. And I’m going to a conference about translator’s tools, the Friday all my classmates we going to the bowling tournament to see play to the teachers and our classmates.
And the Thursday is our last day in the school and the classes finished yesterday because of the conferences the next week. This vacations I glide to get a job in my family we’re broke we don’t have money and my mom have to pay some obligations and she is a little sad about this and I cant stand to see her like that and we want to travel in July but it cant be in this year. The last year I traveled to San Luis Potosi with my mother’s cousin that she has a big house in the Lomas of San Luis, and my aunt I lead us to a big mall and to see a big waterfalls and we visited to the sister of my father and we and my cousins went to Tangamanga park its beautiful because you can take a long walks, rest in the grass, eat food or skate. And the last day we went to a Mexquitic zoo that is about 30 minutes from San Luis downtown in the father’s car, and we saw a lot of weird animals and in a long hall there are huge felines and my favorites are the lion and the tigers.

sábado, 8 de marzo de 2008

Superstitions and Beliefs.

All of us have a superstitions and beliefs in our lifes because because they were passed in many generations, from families to families in our country. For example people in my city believe that if you break a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck or when you pass under a stair means that you will have bad luck. In my opinion I don’t believe too much in those superstitions because when you have bad luck in your life, maybe this owes to that you have committed many mistakes in your life. And I always carry a dollar bill in my wallet, a friend gave me and he told me that this will bring me more money in my life.
Some our parents, grandparents or neighbors believe in the existence of ghosts I wasn’t a believer but when I was 8 years old I lived with my family and my parent’s family and I used to sleep with my cousin Mariela both sleep in the second floor of the house in a small room and one night at 3 am she woke up and looked by the window and immediately she woke me up and she said: “look down” and we saw to our grandfather he was the father of our fathers and he died when I was 4 years old and he was stand up in the garage of the house and he dressed pants and a brown blazer that my father kept in his closet it was too much impressive to us and I back to bed but my cousin still watched .And the next morning my cousin was crying in the living room and all the family were trying to calm down her. Now I’m 20 years old I can’t still believe why he appeared in that way, it’s something that always it one will ask

sábado, 1 de marzo de 2008

A busy week

This week we had an exam of English 5 it was so easy for me but in the grammar is a Little difficult because I have to memorize rules, times, and structures and think that I have to take an extra classes of grammar. The Friday we don’t have 2 classes because the teacher Luis Prezas has to go to some meeting. And, Aurelio and me we take advantage to go to the Central Library and I spent the time looking information in the internet about the fields of jobs for translators in our country after a while Aurelio gave me a book of Cool Shops in the world in the book you can see all kinds of luxury shops from the most known designers in the cities like: England, New York and Los Angeles. And the Wednesday Karina and me we enrolled to be helpers in the second week in English in our career but I’m not enrolling in the conference of “wordfast”because I don’t have the money to in. All the week the teacher Martha teaches us how to pronounce some words like: year because the most of my classmates pronounce with the syllable (shh).
Ok and the Saturday I’m going to a cavern with my cousin and her friends and I want to have fun because I don’t gone to a cavern for a long time and I want to dance 

jueves, 28 de febrero de 2008

Having Fun

The last weekend I went to the carnival of my city, I went with my sister; it was beautiful because there were lots of people with bright customs and shiny cars. I arrived to the carnival at 7:00 pm but it wasn’t started yet, so my sister and me we were searching a high place where we can see the carnival, we were walking about 30 minutes when one of my cousin was there in the crowd and he jell us “come here” and we went with him and his weird friends. And because I´m a little short of height I was waiting a place y when the people moved I went to the front and I could see well and one of a boy from a dance school invited me to dance in front of the all people, was funny but it was shameful for me but doesn’t matter because I had fun. And when the carnival finish I brought popcorn and candies to my mom
When we arrived to our house my neighbor give us a couple of movies, one of them was Final Destination 3, that movie I had seen before and I recommend to the people who likes strong emotions because the movie is about of a girl who has premonitions of how her friends will die in an accident in a roller coaster, this movie is a little stressful because there are a lot of terrible and bloody deaths and this film show us the dark side of the death.

sábado, 23 de febrero de 2008

Our trip to Monterrey.
Well all of you know about ATIMAC that is an association to interpreters and translator from Monterrey. The teacher Mary Grace made an convocation to the students, me and my friends we decide to go to the conferences on October 26, 2007.We had planed this trip by weeks, we sold candies and fruits to get more money, because the conferences were very expensive and some of us we haven’t too much money, so my mom gave me some money because MTY is an expensive city. I brought a ticket to travel on a plane it was cheap, but my friends don’t brought because they have fear to travel on a plane.
That day my mom left me in the Tampico airport and she stayed with me before the airplane arrived to the runway, and Iris, Monse and me we got up to the plane and I chose the seat next to the window it was scary to the beginning but 10 minutes later it was cool, the first time that I traveled on a plane I was five years old and I can’t remember about that trip. The time that we spent in Monterrey was amazing. Me and my friends we ate hamburgers in a restaurant in front of the Alameda Park and the conferences were in a beautiful luxury hotel from de most expensive zone of Monterrey and we went to a huge mall San Agustin and we took some pictures outside of the hotel and the mall. And when the conferences were finished the ATIMAC’S president gave us our diploma. The last day in Monterrey we went to La Pastora zoo there are a lot of strange animals and there is a mister that he make draws of the people by his own hands and he draw a picture of me and my friends and after 3 hours we went to a park of amusements we had a lot of fun Maggie and me we entered to the house of terror it was creepy. And we back to he Doyra’s aunt and we prepared our suitcases and go back to Tampico.

lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008


The last week was Valentine’s Day that day was so well because every student in the university sold a lot of items like: lollipops, balloons, flowers and chocolate. My classmate Karina and me we put a stand of Civil Registration and we made the outfits for the bride and fiancé: a hat, a blazer especially I made a bunch of white flowers for the bride. That day was so stressful because we married about 30 couples: 20 couples in the morning and 10 couples in the afternoon. I woke up at 5:00 am to prepare all the stuffs and I arrived to school at 7:00 am and I was waiting for Karina to decorate The Civil Registration, actually we made an excellent job and looked very pretty; but I was very tired and I was hungry and Karina stayed for me and I went to my house, I took a short shower I ate a little of soup and I came back to school to help to karina with the weddings. We stayed until 7 pm. We were very exhausted and finally my friends and me we made an interchange of presents. Actually my friend Maggie gave me a red wallet.
We gained about 400 pesos from the weddings and Karina helped to me to read the wedding certificate because I was a little raspy and I couldn’t talk too much and I put the hat on the boy and the marital bond to them. It was funny because there were some girls that got married between each other, and Aurelio took some pictures to the bride and fiancé and we sent them the pictures of their wedding via email, and when they were finally married we throw them a little of rice above them.

sábado, 9 de febrero de 2008